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Open Up Your Mind - Music Video

The "break up" song. This is the song that signals the end of a relationship. All the signs are there. Yelling, fighting, bringing up old stuff. But we should think twice before leaving for good.

Credits: Riki (vocals), Justin Sosa (guitar)

In the World - Music Video

You have your favorite people, I have mine (don't tell mama). Who is your favorite person in the world?

Don't You Fight My Love - Music Video

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Someone walks across the room. They have your complete attention. Instead of having a guard up, let's be open to the moment

Something I Meant to Do (SE) - Music Video

Years ago, we didn't enjoy a dance. But not this time. I found you again and now it's time to take advantage of this moment

Be My Valentine - Music Video

Candy hearts. Love notes. Chocolate. This one day of the year meant for love. But it's still new to me

But I Want to (SE) - Music Video

Why do we always want what's bad for us? What's bad for us will tease our minds. It's bad, but we want to.

Come on Girl (SE) - Music Video

After all the work to get her attention, we never want the chase to end. It's funny. Chasing the girl is the best part

The New Smooth Sound - Music Video

There seems to be a disconnect between who we are and who we show to others. New Smooth Sound is about 2 things. Smoothing our connection and fresh rhythmic music

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