His hands allow for AJ Smooth to express himself musically. Those musical hands are emphasized in this picture

About AJ


A little history on me. My name is AJ, but they call me Smooth. Not really sure why. A southern soul, I've been playing music since 2000; starting at the age of 11. Even before owning a pair of drumsticks, I could be found playing on pots and pans with window blind wands everyday.

Beginning my music career as a drummer, my parents finally bought me a set of drums which helped me develop a strong sense of rhythm. With this new love of music burning, I taught myself how to play piano, starting at around 13. All of this practice lead me to perform with choirs, drumlines, and many different bands across the south.


Today, I continue to play piano and record new studio music. Writing all of my songs from scratch usually begins with me playing piano at home. While writing, it is common for me to share my new ideas with friends and random people who have no problem being honest. Want the chance to become one of those people? Sign Up Now

Fun Facts about AJ

I stand tall at about 6 feet 5 inches tall. All the corny tall jokes started pouring in after my major growth spurt during my first year of high school.
Banging on drums since age 10, my first song was played at a middle school concert. I can still play this song but only with a gun to my head.
I love to cook tender teriyaki salmon , with hot bread rolls on special occasions.
Since 2007, I've enjoyed creating smart phone apps. Remember the old Blackberry? My first app was on that phone.
One of my favorite candies is root beer barrel candy . Most people hate this flavor but it's delicious to me.
Mayonnaise on french fries anyone? I am known to dip an occasional fry into the white stuff. Try it before you knock it.
I didn't learn how to swim until 25. Now I swim at least 3 days a week.

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