But I Want to (SE)

by AJ Smooth

Why do we always want what's bad for us? Even when we do the right thing, what's bad for us will tease our minds. It's bad, but we want to.

AJ sings and plays a gentle R&B ballad that will appeal to a wide range of ages
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I say why
Da da

I say why
I say why, my life
And I, I will do
What I'm, I'm in to

Girl I love you
Said I love you
And I want to
But I want to

Although I wanted you
Now I can see the truth
You were no good for me

I say why (I say why)
I say why (I say why),
I say why (I say why), I see (I see)
And I (and I), I can taste (I can taste)
I can taste your love (taste your love)
And your grace (and your grace)

Girl I want you (I want you, I want you)
I'm overdue (I'm overdue)
That baby blue (that baby blue)
Said I want to (but I want to)


But I want to
But I want you
That baby blue
I say why
I say why, my life
I say why
But I want to